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OwnSpace is a platform that bridges buyers and real estate developers to build better living spaces.

OwnSpace brings together developers and buyers for a streamlined online home buying process. From curating custom finishes to signing contracts and scheduling walk-throughs, OwnSpace’s digital platform makes real estate more transparent and convenient. Shape, shop, and sell properties on OwnSpace.

OwnSpace is a platform that bridges buyers and real estate developers to build better living spaces.

Shop well.

Live better.

OwnSpace’s fully digital process lets you focus on what matters. Browse homes and review documents at your own pace, add personal touches with click-through customizations, and manage all your information from one platform. Take your home into your hands, and start living in your dream space.

One door

for everything.

Easily track the entire buying experience with OwnSpace’s buyer portal and maintain a transparent log. All conversations, contracts, customizations, payment, and after-sales support are kept in an integrated, two-sided platform, so both developers and buyers can get the full overview in just a few clicks.


with ease

Enjoy hassle-free collaboration. OwnSpace integrates communication between all parties, so you can easily share relevant information with the builder, external suppliers, and banks.

Detailed pricing and instant quotes
Detailed pricing and instant quotes

Dynamic pricing on customizations makes budgeting and estimations simple. Get pricing details down to the last screw, create instant quotes based on selected choices, and feel confident in the final price tag. No hidden fees, no headaches.

Secure and trusted
Secure and trusted

OwnSpace partners with leading financial transaction companies and employs face recognition, document verification AI, and encrypted digital signatures to ensure a secure agreement every time.

Real-estate Developers

For developers looking to sell homes online, OwnSpace provides a digital platform that lets you connect with potential prospects and simplify the selling process. Take the complexity out of customization, save time and costs, and secure capital faster with OwnSpace.