Shape the future of real estate

Raising the bar on how people live tomorrow, today.

OwnSpace believes that the real estate industry has the opportunity to create more sustainable, high-quality homes. Homes that create neighborhoods we want to live in and cities that improve our world. If you’re ready to develop the tools that empower homebuyers, support developers, and provide the knowledge to build better – we want you on our team. Raising the bar on how people live tomorrow, today.

A changing landscape
Digital innovation in real estate has made PropTech one of the most exciting and fastest-growing industries. The problem space is huge and complex, but we know it, and we love it. We work and think strategically – both in the short and long-term – with explorations spanning from architecture and construction technology to 3D modeling and machine learning.

Our Benefits

  • Health care and dental coverage

  • Flexible hours – no set schedule, no set work hours

  • Home office setup and gear budget

  • Time carved out on an ongoing basis for fun and passion projects

  • Professional development budget

  • Annual retreats and in-person workshop/gatherings (COVID permitting)

Our Approach

We firmly believe that great work starts with great people. That’s why we invest in finding and nurturing talent in a work environment that puts people first.

  • Work from anywhere

    OwnSpace’s digital-first approach gives you the freedom and flexibility to work around your life. We’re employed coast to coast and work with a hybrid remote model, where we prioritize meeting outside of our screens when it matters.

  • Grow with us

    At OwnSpace, we want you to develop alongside us. Get a professional development budget, and choose initiatives that meet your trajectory. We look for people, not roles, which means we invest in creating the right space for long-term growth.

  • Build better together

    We believe that to contribute to a better, more sustainable future, we need to remain critical and open-minded, thoughtful and respectful, and transparent and honest. These values keep us grounded, so we don’t lose sight of what matters.

Our team

At Ownspace, we work to create an environment where everybody can thrive. We want to develop you individually while working together towards the same goal.

  • Small team, major impact

    Our ambitious team is small but mighty, allowing you to try on different hats and generate impact from day one. At OwnSpace, we don’t like to put people in a box. If you have an idea and the motivation, we’ll support you taking the reins.

  • Work hard, play hard

    We believe people do their best work when they can be themselves. That’s why we foster an environment where people can enjoy each other on a human level and celebrate the everyday wins together.

  • Developing diversity

    We don’t believe there’s one way to think. In fact, we urge against that. We welcome everyone to apply and seek out talented people who can bring unique perspectives and challenge us to think critically and creatively.

Our core values

  • Empathy

    Think human first.

  • Ambition

    Big dreamers welcome.

  • Forward Thinking

    Embrace the unknown.

  • Transparency

    Build trust through transparency.

  • Honesty

    Stay critical and be open-minded.

  • Diversity

    Find value in different perspectives.

How we hire

1. Intro call

In our initial introduction, we want to hear what experiences have shaped your perspective today, and where you’re headed. Real estate is a huge, complex industry, so we’re looking for someone who can cut through the noise and navigate the ambiguity.

2. Video interview

Once we identify a win-win fit, we’ll bring in the right team members. They’ll help shape the role and identify what opportunities will be exciting for you, suit your ambitions, and positively impact OwnSpace.

3. Offer

We pair up on a design exploration to discuss different ways of seeing and approaching the problem space. There are many ways to solve a problem, and we want to match roles in a way we can embrace the different approaches everyone brings to the table.

When we hire, we’re looking for humans – not just the right bullets on a CV. OwnSpace values people with broad interests and experiences because we know that’s what makes a stronger product.

Our offers

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