About Ownspace

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Our story

OwnSpace was started in 2017 to elevate the real estate shopping experience both online and in physical sales offices. We have evolved into a suite of tools to help builders provide a tailored experience while improving their internal processes and growing their business. Today, we are a bridge for developers and homebuyers to build better properties together.

Our Vision

A better world, one space at a time

If we give buyers the agency to shape their homes, and we give developers the tools to make that change, we can all build a better world – one home, one neighborhood, one city at a time. In this belief lies a better, more sustainable future where developers, buyers, and our company work and win as one.

Our genesis

From real estate

OwnSpace is made by real estate veterans who have experienced first-hand the challenges of the real estate development process from all sides. With such a complex problem space, the key has been to leverage the broad experiences of our team and continue to recruit a rich diversity of skills and perspectives.

More than a product

From the start, we knew we were not building a product but a strategy to digitally transform the industry. The move towards digital is underfoot, and we’re excited to play a part in shaping it. This transformation will take time and hard work, which is why we invest for the long run and embrace growth and change.

Good people make good products

A good product takes a good team, and a good team takes good people. We make people the starting point for everything we do, and then build our product and company from there. That’s why we bring together people with rich and diverse lifepaths, give them the freedom to do their best work, and help them grow. We know that if the people succeed, the product will succeed.

Ready to shape the world?

If you’re as excited as we are and are ready to take the plunge, come join us at OwnSpace.