Revolutionizing Real Estate

Your all-in-one Real Estate POS

Uniting Sellers, Brokers, and Buyers for Real Estate deals.

OwnSpace is a cloud-based POS designed to unite Sellers, Brokers, and Buyers, enhancing the overall real-estate experience. Your dependable one-stop hub for organizing real estate deals with ease and confidence. We specialize in connecting these key stakeholders fostering transparent, accountable, and self-reliant partnerships that streamline and simplify property transactions. Our comprehensive platform offers the ultimate end-to-end solution, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free experience for everyone involved. Let us show you how.

Uniting Sellers, Brokers, and Buyers for Real Estate deals.

Where Real Estate Transactions Meet Innovation

From a sales office to the comfort of your own home, use OwnSpace’s innovative flow to transact offers to purchase securely. Our comprehensive platform allows you to:

  • Manage and view property details
  • Customize options
  • Confirm pricing details
  • Obtain and validate stakeholder’s information
  • Generate the contract
  • Manage deposits
  • Gather the appropriate approvals to complete the transaction

The OwnSpace flow makes it more efficient for everyone.

One Space

for everything.

OwnSpace’s fully digital process lets you focus on what really matters by having information at your fingertips. Easily track all leads, communications, offers, contracts, customizations, payments and commissions on your dashboard.


with ease

Experience seamless collaboration with OwnSpace. Our platform simplifies communication among all stakeholders, enabling effortless sharing of relevant information with financial institutions and legal representation for review and closing.

Secure and trusted

OwnSpace employs facial recognition, document verification AI, and encrypted digital signatures to ensure a secure transaction every time.

Experience greater autonomy in how you sell.

Whether you are a Real-estate Developer, Broker or private Owner, selling with Ownspace allows you to control the sales process by defining what you want to sell, customizing your deals, and managing your transactions. Ownspace puts you in the driver's seat.