Transform. Scale. Repeat.

What we can offer you

OwnSpace gives developers the tools for a better, scalable selling experience. Connect with prospective clients around the world, close more sales, and provide best-in-class service, all while managing your work from one online platform. The future of real estate, fit for the digital age.

Save money, save time

Secure capital faster when you use OwnSpace. The integrated online portal simplifies the sales process, with all documents and payments done securely on the platform.

Scale your business

The OwnSpace platform adapts to your company’s processes and provides the building blocks that empower staff to get their work done. Cut down on administrative tasks while maintaining control, and get to focus on what you do best.

What Ownspace does

OwnSpace bridges developers and buyers to facilitate a first-in-class home buying experience. By digitizing the sales process, we enable developers to spend more time on what matters and help buyers find homes that fit their living needs. OwnSpace takes care of the rest, so we can all build a better future together.

One place for everything

From communicating with suppliers to post-sales activities, OwnSpace covers the entire sales process. Keep communication centralized for easy organization, and retrieve documents with one click.

Generate more sales

OwnSpace allows you to create branded online sales experiences for your projects so you can sell homes from any channel. Simplify the sales process with a digital, self-serve homebuying experience, while OwnSpace’s platform takes care of the rest.

Build a better buying experience

Give your clients the best digital buying experience in the industry by offering exceptional service from the first touchpoint. OwnSpace’s digital workflow keeps your clients engaged and gives your staff the tools they need to provide best-in-class, timely service.