Define, Manage, Transact

What we can offer you

OwnSpace gives Sellers the right tools to enhance and scale the selling experience. Deliver unparalleled service, engage with potential clients globally, and collaborate with brokers to effortlessly promote your properties – all while efficiently managing your transactions from one cloud-based platform. The future of real-estate fit for the digital age.

Save money. Save time

The integrated online portal streamlines the sales process, ensuring secure handling of all documents and payments directly within the platform to save you time on administrative tasks so you can focus more time on what you do best.

Sell simpler. Sell better

Whether you are selling one property or an entire real estate project, Ownspace provides all the essential tools that allow you to control the selling process, making it simpler and more efficient all the while creating a better buying experience with transparency and ease.

What Ownspace does

OwnSpace unites sellers, brokers and buyers to facilitate a best in-class real-estate buying experience. Ownspace is a POS that has an integrated CRM that securely gathers all the information of stakeholders, authenticates them and through the Ownspace flow auto-generates an offer to purchase making the process seamless and secure. Ownspace is the sales tool you won't be able to live without.

Managing properties
  • Entering property details and inclusions, floor plans and images associated per property
  • Specifying available options for properties
  • Entering price lists
  • Generating sales reports
Sales admin features
  • Contract generator
  • Digital authentication of stakeholders
  • Obtaining necessary approvals for agreements
  • Managing dates and milestones
  • Managing deposits
  • Manage lead list
  • Create opportunities by sharing properties
  • Add internal notes to keep everyone on the same page
  • Send buyers customized and automated messages
  • Initiate offers to purchase directly from CRM
Manage commissions
  • Invite brokers to collaborate on selected properties
  • Assign commissions and payment structure
  • Brokers can easily share properties and create their own opportunities
  • See commissions accrued and to be paid
  • Manage promotions on commissions and bonuses on properties
  • View brokers activity and notes on properties they share